From 27th January to 30th June 2024

Tintin & Tchang Exhibition

For the very first time on the French Riviera, Hergé’s work is brought to light through a double exhibition named Tintin, Hergé and Tchang. Organized by the Hergé Museum located in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) in partnership with the Département des Alpes-Maritimes, this event reveals a gorgeous variety of documents, original sketches and objects displayed in two exceptional cultural sites:


In the Asian Art museum, the exhibition Tintin and Tchang is paying tribute to Hergé and Tchang Tchong-Jen’s friendship. While Hergé was imagining Tintin traveling to the Far East, he met a young Chinese student in Brussels. This student introduced him to his culture and he helped him create his masterpiece: The Blue Lotus. To thank his friend, Hergé named one of his characters after him Tchang. Even though Tchang only appears in a few pages of two albums The Blue Lotus and Tintin in Tibet, he quickly started to symbolize Tintin’s curiosity and openness to the world as well as its creator’s one, Hergé.”

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