Shufa, Chinese calligraphy

with Ling Hsu

Workshops organised every 3rd Saturday in the month at 3pm (except July and August).

Introduce yourself to the art of Chinese calligraphy.

What is the rule based on? “On the one brush stroke that is the origin of all things."

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Shodo, Japanese calligraphy

with Keiko Yokoyama

Workshops organised every 2nd Saturday in the month at 3pm (except July and August).

The "way of writing" in Japan: a traditional art borrowed from Zen spirituality.

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Origami, Japanese paper folding

Workshops organised for adults and children every 4th Saturday of the month at 3pm.

(except July and August)

The art of folding Japanese paper, a sign of good Japanese education, has been passed down for many generations. Without glue or cutting, origami has hundreds of folding patterns, such as the three fundamentals: the crane (the most representative of Japanese aesthetics by its finesse), the frog (the most plastic) and the crab (the most elaborate). In addition to traditional models, contemporary creations are constantly being added.