Spirit of harmony

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Contemporary calligraphy and porcelain
from 15 December 2018 to 10 February 2019

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To close its twentieth year of existence and start a new decade, the Departmental Museum of Asian Arts in Nice presents Spirit of Harmony, an exhibition dedicated to contemporary creation and literary tradition in China and Japan.

This event is the result of fruitful partnerships established with the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet and the National School of Art of Limoges, and the support of two collectors: Yang Ermin for the ink stones and Jean-Claude Febb for the rocks of scholars.

A true spirit lives in this exhibition, that of Harmony. He expresses himself in a search for forms and materials.

He reinvents the millenary practices of calligraphy and porcelain. The line and the volume are confronted here to give full meaning to a paradoxical gesture, both old and new, practiced by masters and artists in the making.

From China to Japan, to France, the exhibition offers visitors a trip to this world where ink lines and clay lines intersect in a mineral setting so dear to the literate.

Partners of the exhibition

  • National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet (Paris)
  • National School of Art of Limoges
  • Mainichi Shodō-kai Calligraphy Federation
  • Mr. Yang Ermin (collection of ink stones)
  • Mr. Jean-Claude Febb (collection of literary rocks)