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Photos by OH Soon-Hwa
from 9 january to 27 may 2019

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Of Korean origin, OH Soon-Hwa presents a fine exhibition on the theme of "Brides of Vietnam" in Korea. Young Vietnamese women decide to marry Koreans to give themselves the opportunity for a better life and support their family left behind in Vietnam.

The photographer went to the Mekong Delta region to meet these young women. Instead of focusing on the difficulties that push them to expatriation, this project aims to highlight the beauty of what they intend to leave behind, ie the people and places with which they live. have grown up and are part of their identity.

A native of South Korea, OH Soon-Hwa has been leaving his country for 20 years. She is a photographer and associate professor at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She holds a doctorate from Columbia University in New York and is also an exhibition curator and speaker. She has participated in almost sixty exhibitions all over the world, the Netherlands, Italy, China, England, United States, Singapore ...